Open-RAN: Open Road to Next Generation Mobile Networks


  1. We are planning to conduct a Rotating-Panel Discussions on the technical dimensions of Open-RAN engagement & research opportunities: This will be an energetic talk will be followed by a group discussion about the technical implications of Open-RAN. A rotating panel format will provide all workshop participants with opportunities to ask and answer questions of the presenter and each other. Organizers will pose initial questions to seed discussion, and the panel configuration will start with 4 panelist who will share their views on Open-RAN and related research opportunities for industries and academia. As discussion progresses, panelists will invite others from the audience to speak, sharing the spotlight and providing opportunities to hear new voices. Involvement from all attendees will be strongly encouraged but not required. Goals of this session is to actively involve everyone and articulate the challenges and opportunities in this domain.
  2. Three Keynote Guest Lectures to highlight the growing trends and research opportunities in Open-RAN and RAN intelligence.
  3. Outstanding research will be awarded "Best Paper Award".